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Welcome to Market Research Jobs part of the Market Research Portal. Our site offers you the opportunity to advertise your vacancies and also search our worldwide database of employment seekers within the Market Research Industry. Both of these services are totally FREE - no catches!

Market Research Jobs is new at the moment (Nov 2006) but our core site: the Market Research Portal is already a dominant site within the industry: Try typing "Market Research Jobs" into Google, we are on the first page, the same is the case for "Market Research". So, we'll have plenty of potential candidates looking at your vacancies and submitting their details to the site. In addition to this, we will be undertaking online and offline advertsing to create even more traffic.

If you have not already signed up, it's simple to join the site - click on the employer "registration" to the right of this. It will only take you a couple of minutes, you can then submit your jobs and search our resumes - and don't forget it's free.

Listed below is a summary of the services and facilities available at Market Research Jobs.

Free Registration And Profile!
  You can create your free account and your online profile. You will then be able post free jobs and view job seeker details.
Buy Plans And Feature Your Profile!
  To post jobs or view job seeker details is totally free. However, it is possible to further highlight your job(s) or company by purchasing one of our plans. For a small charge you can feature your job(s) - it will be placed on the main home page of the site and also the home page for job seekers. In addition, your company logo, link and associated jobs can be placed on our main home page and the job seekers home page. Click on "planning" (employers menu on the right) to view the available options.
Buy Additional Featured Jobs!
  If you don't want to buy a new plan it is possible to purchase additional featured jobs on their own. Again, click on the "planning" option to review this feature.
Invoicing System!
  Every plan or additional featured job purchase generates an automated invoice. You will be able to view and print this through the system. Also, a copy will be sent to you via email. After we have recieved payment (either by cheque or electronic transfer/BACS) we will validate the invoice and send you an email to let you know the payment has come through. After this, you will be able to post your featured jobs or featured company.
Daily/Weekly Resumes By Email!
  If you wish, you can opt to receive daily/weekly resumes in an email, matching your posted jobs - Another free service.
Upload Logo Image!
  You can upload your own logo image, displayed with the job details - Again, a free service.
Modify Your Online Profile!
  You can modify your profile information at anytime, and publish it when ready.
Hide Your Contact Information!
  It's no problem if you want to keep some of your information confidential. You can hide your address, email, phone and location - so that they are not displayed to jobseekers when viewing your job. You can also hide this information with every job separately.
Post Jobs And Renew Expired Jobs!
  You can manage your job postings (edit, delete, duplicate) and renew expired/archived jobs.
Search Resumes And Send Private Messages!
  You can search our resume database and you can contact jobseekers. A valuable free resource.
Account Statistics!
  Online statistics about how many times your jobs have been viewed by jobseekers, total number of job applications received, expiration period etc.
My Inbox!
  Job applies and private messages are stored in this section of the site. You can view the private messages you have received from jobseekers, the private messages sent by you and the job applies you have received. You can also block (reject) the selected jobseekers to not be able to send you more private messages or job applies. You can ublock them as well.
Bookmarked Resume!
  While searching our resume database you have the option to save the interested resumes into your bookmark list and review them later.
Delete Your Account!
  You may delete your account and leave the system at anytime you wish. Your online jobs and profile will be automatically deleted from the database.
  Click here to signup and create your account.
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