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As a jobseeker there are a number of services available to you on this site. You can view job vacancies, apply for jobs, list your resume in our database (which employers and recruiters have access to) and receive job notifications by e-mail.

To access these FREE services you need to register with us (by filling out the form below). By registering, you are signing up as a job seeker, which means, unless you specify otherwise, your information will be available to employers. Please think very carefully how you want your information to be used; there are a number of privacy options, which are detailed in the two paragraphs below. Remember your current employer could be an employer looking at our database of jobseekers!

If you are concerned about CONFIDENTIALITY you should choose to hide some or all of your contact information from employers. You can do this by ticking the appropriate "Hide Boxes" below. It will then only be the information you choose to post in your resume, which will be viewable by employers/recruiters - but they will still be able to contact you via an online form, which does not reveal your contact information.

Alternatively, if you would prefer COMPLETE PRIVACY i.e. non of your details (including your resume) to appear on the employers search list, you should tick the first box under "Resume information" to use only "Own Online Applications" - this way you have total control over which employers/recruiters see your resume and details i.e. you can pick and contact the employer(s) as and when you like.

For further information see our "Terms & Conditions" and "Privacy" links at the bottom of this page. Also, you can contact us if you have any other queries.

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